Sell Gold For Even More

 Sell Gold For Even More

Whilst our gold buying prices are very high, at the Birmingham Gold Company, we are now able to offer even higher prices if you have £20,000 or more of Gold to sell.. To explore this option, please give Lionel a call on 0121 448 0488

Exclusions to our Higher Gold prices

We cannot unfortunately pay higher rates for broken scrap / lemels,  sweepings, and unmarked items and certain types of foreign gold. Give us a call to check. 

How To Sell larger Amounts of Gold To Us

The easiest way to sell larger amounts of Gold to us is in person via an appointment. Alternatively you can  post in multiple special delivery envelopes. The mazimum insurance coverage for Special delivery Items is £2500 per packet. therefore eight separate packets would be required to send £20,000 of gold . Visit our postal page for more info.